Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Gifts!

This year, we decided to do 100% homemade gifts (all but Santa's) I am learning about patterns and having so much fun.. mostly I like to change patterns or make my own but here are a few of the presents I have done. When I started, I started making blankets for everyone. I got bored fast and had to move on!
These are in order of what I have done.. learning as I go... These blankets I made before the longies, though.
(Caden's..just learning the SC! covers his crib)

Tommy's (covers his twin bed)

We have a tradition in our house, every Christmas eve we let the boys unwrap one presents.. always PJ's. This year, I decided to MAKE our jammies. Here are Caden's wool longies... I still need to make a shirt and slippers to match.

I made these fish from Susie's pattern. They are color counting fish. I decided to play a lil using different textured yarns, different sized hooks.. I still need to make a bag for them.

One of Ty's hats (still need to make him one using his school colors with a basketball on top!)

Hat and scarf for Tommy.. he wants MANY hats so this is only a start!

Nieces hats, scarfs, and purses: ( I am planning on putting those heart crayons we made in the purses!)

Caden, modeling his cousin's hat!

Nephews hats and scarfs: (I need to make some lil drawstring bags for the boy's star crayons)
Chicago Bears colors (scarf and two hats)

Chicago Bulls colors (scarf and basketball hat)


Kai said...

We had the same tradition at my house! My pjs were always my favorite gift.
My Mom still sends me jammies every year!

fourjsnme said...

Lisa is all I can say is WOW, you telling me about all the stuff dose not do any justice. They are all great. You are doing awesome and what a wonderful thing to do.

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Very cool gifts! I fixed the Lentil Burritos post. Sorry about that!