Monday, January 26, 2009

Ideal Bite - TV Recycling - Hop(p)ing to replace your analog TV with a new hi-def one?

Ideal Bite - TV Recycling - Hop(p)ing to replace your analog TV with a new hi-def one?

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What have you been up to, Lisa?

Well.. The holidays have passed.. and Spring Cleaning will begin VERY shortly! My family is still on the road 2 healthy! We have just about replaced everything in this house.. we have a few nasty things left to go but I am being frugal about this and using up what we have. We are becoming more green everyday! Let's see.. I haven't cooked meat in over a month now.. and am still weaning out the processed food we have had stocked. I have also learned how to meal budget and provide my family with a much healthier diet, on less money, than they were before! Sparkpeople has became my source of relaxation and with that, counting calories and working we are also shedding some extra pounds in this house! My Sewing and crocheting have been put on hold right now, I think I got burnt out a lil.. but they will make their way back soon. I have been shampoo free for 3 weeks now and am LOVING it! Caden is growing so fast it is hard to keep up with him! The older two boys will be as tall as me soon! So.. now that you know everything I have to catch you up on, I guess I better update this more often!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have a blessed and beautiful Holiday Season!

Have a Happy Yule and a Merry Christmas!!!
Our homemade decorated tree... we start out with no ornaments and keep making them until Christmas!

More Christmas making fun!

I tried to play around and make hand held type sport fun things for the boys!

Ty's basketball hoop and ball!

Tomas' soccer ball set!

Make your own bath crayons!

Take 1 cup shredded Ivory soap
Boil 1/4c water. Add shredded soap a Tablespoon at a time. Mix until melted
and pasty.
Add food coloring.
Press mix into tins, ice cube trays, or cookie cutters.
Now, I have read there are different ways to do this... you can microwave it for 10-15 minutes. But since I was using tin, I cooked them on the lowest heat my over would go for about 30 minutes. I have now learned you can also pop these in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Let them dry for a day or so in the molds.. pop out of the molds and continue drying for about a week. Enjoy your bath crayons!