Monday, January 26, 2009

What have you been up to, Lisa?

Well.. The holidays have passed.. and Spring Cleaning will begin VERY shortly! My family is still on the road 2 healthy! We have just about replaced everything in this house.. we have a few nasty things left to go but I am being frugal about this and using up what we have. We are becoming more green everyday! Let's see.. I haven't cooked meat in over a month now.. and am still weaning out the processed food we have had stocked. I have also learned how to meal budget and provide my family with a much healthier diet, on less money, than they were before! Sparkpeople has became my source of relaxation and with that, counting calories and working we are also shedding some extra pounds in this house! My Sewing and crocheting have been put on hold right now, I think I got burnt out a lil.. but they will make their way back soon. I have been shampoo free for 3 weeks now and am LOVING it! Caden is growing so fast it is hard to keep up with him! The older two boys will be as tall as me soon! So.. now that you know everything I have to catch you up on, I guess I better update this more often!!

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