Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween costumes!

I am soo behind! Sorry this is late, but had to show them off!
I wanted to go as frugal as possible. I spent about $10 TOTAL for both of the boys' costumes! (this includes make-up!)
I bought black and orange fleece and red and black material on clearance at walmart. I took an old maternity shirt ( and cut it down to fit Tomas. I took a silky nightgown we got at the thrift store, (another shhh) and cut it to look like a vest. I used glue for that as I didn't have red thread. So, for Tomas I made fleece pants, a cape, a shirt with an attached vest, and a bow tie for him!
For Caden, I crocheted longies (my first!) using the dragonfly pattern from I made my first hat, and made a stem for it! Duane made him a poncho out of some of the fleece we got on clearance! Of course we had to make trick-or-treat bags to match! We both had so much fun making them! Of course I forgot to take pictures before we went to the zoo's Halloween night, by then.. what was the point.. sigh. So, I decided that pics of them in their outfits was as good as it is going to get!


Caden in his costume and close-ups of his hat and longies:

And of course, can't forget my Tyler! He went Goth this year so he let me do his make-up!

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Kai said...

I love the candy sacks!!!!!